Dog Boarding

First and foremost, the Salty Paws Pet Resort is committed to the comfort, safety, and health of your dog(s), which is one of our many priorities.

We have installed a state of the art security system, 24-hour security and a fire monitoring system at our dog boarding facility. Whether your dog(s) is here for a one-night stay or longer, you can be ensured your dog(s) will be safe.


We provide quality services that include premium grain-free dog food and home made treats, fruits, ice cream, and plenty of ice cubes for your dog (s). All dog (s) are fed with stainless steel bowls. However, if you choose to bring your preferred dog food for your dog, we kindly ask you to place the food in sealed containers with the appropriate feeding instructions.

Your dog(s) will be provided with comfortable accommodations during their stay with us at Salty Paws Pet Resort.  All accommodations are in a climate-controlled dog boarding facility.  Each kennel has an indoor and covered outdoor run. The indoor house is a 5’ x 8’ Sani-kennel from Mason Products and the flooring is epoxy concrete from Primecoat that contains antimicrobial properties, which helps eliminate bacteria. This is one of the cleanest and safest environments for your pet’s health. The kennels includes Kuranda raised dog bed for your dog(s) comfort. If you prefer to bring your own dog bed and blanket to make your dog feel at home, you are welcomed to do so. The outdoor run is 5’ x 10’ that is fully enclosed with fencing that opens onto two large 40’ x 110’ grassy play areas for individual or group playtime.

facilitiesAt Salty Paws Pet Resort, we believe that exercise, socialization, and the freedom to play is paramount to making dog(s) happy. It helps them interact with people, relieves stress, and it allows us to observe how they are handling the dog boarding experience. Therefore, this is an off leash, interactive dog boarding facility, which means your dog(s), is allowed supervised playtime with other dogs, under the supervision of our trained staff. Playtime consists of a minimum of four 30-minute playtimes to include belly rubs, ear scratching, and hugs from our fun loving staff, at no extra charge.

The health and welfare of your dog(s) is vital to us here at Salty Paws Pet Resort. We  will gladly administer your dog’s medication(s). We do not charge for medication administration; however, we kindly request that you provide the medication, dosage, time of day, and the best way to administer the medication.

Salty Paws Pet Resort  has trained kennel associates to observe and recognize any emergency situations, provide emergency first aid if needed, and to know when to contact the Veterinarian. Also, Salty Paws Pet Resort has incorporated an isolation area for a dog that could be ill or a senior dog that just needs some quiet time from others. We our very excited to have Dr. Dante Martin as our local veterinarian on call.