Vic is a retired Marine Corps Officer and Lesley is an Adult Gerontology Nurse practitioner and our lives revolve around the love and passion of dogs! We own four English Labrador Retrievers, Casey, Colby, Finnegan, Charley, and have acquired our children’s two dogs, Dozer and Jackson, too!  We always seem to find more room in the house for others as well!

Our vision has always been to own a dog boarding facility one day and we decided to expand our passion for dogs and build Salty Paws Pet Resort as a premier dog boarding facility.  Our goal was to invest in a dog boarding facility that delivers comfort, safety, health, and love of the dogs in mind.

Salty Paws Pet Resort is a premier pet resort that is opened 365 days a year that provides deluxe accommodations and compassionate care for dogs. We are about you and your dog(s). Our mission is to offer services that enrich and extend the relationship with your best friend. Dogs benefit from exercise, structure, and security.

We provide a custom designed dog-boarding facility with dedicated and experience staff that supervise and snuggle with your dog(s) so they feel safe and loved-even while you are away.You will have the peace of mind with security measures that include security cameras, tall non-scalable fences, and 24 hour monitoring.   We want Salty Paw Pet Resort to be your dog’s home away from home!!!

What sets us apart from other kennels is our caring and knowledgable staff, who are passionate about taking care of your best friend. Because of this great staff, Salty Paws Pet Resort is noted for its cleanliness, health, and safety measures.

Residing on the coast of North Carolina, hurricanes are a part of our lives. At Salty Paws Pet Resort, we took additional measures to become a hurricane shelter for dogs. The generator has the ability to power our entire facility in case of power outages.  Our building has hurricane reinforced windows and roof.  The full service facility can hold up 75 dogs. Our full staff is stationed on site during hurricane emergencies to provide the best care for all pets sheltered here. Reservations are required and established Salty Paws family members have first priority.