At Salty Paws Pet Resort, we provide premier care for your dog(s) that you can be proud of and count on every time you visit us. Your dog(s) are accommodated in a meticulously clean, comfortable, and safe environment. Your peace of mind and the comfort, safety, and health of your dog(s) are our priorities. Salty Paws Pet Resort is committed to ensuring that your dog(s) receive loving, compassionate, and personalized care during their stay with us.


You want the best for your dog and we understand that work, vacation, and sudden unexpected emergencies may take you away for a while; Salty Paws Pet Resort will be here for you and your dog(s). Salty Paws Pet Resort offers loving care for your dog(s) while you are away. We know you have a lot of choices, but dog boarding at Salty Paws Pet Resort offers more to your dog(s). Our staff is experienced and trusted that will provide a safe and fun environment for your dog(s) during their stay. We know you are the best caregiver for your dog(s), but on those occasions when you are away know we are committed to the love of your dog(s).

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Phone Number: 910-741-4020
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